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Churches of Scientology Host Interfaith Online Hate Crime Conference

May 12, 2008

LOS ANGELES On Tuesday morning, May 6, 2008 the Church of Scientology International hosted its first interfaith conference concerning Internet hate crime at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre's Pavilion in Hollywood. Over 100 law enforcement and government officials, clergy and educators attended. A panel of leading experts shared their insights, professional experience and concern over rampant civil rights abuses, hate crimes, terrorism, fraud, identity theft, sex slavery, terrorism and pedophilia over Internet computers and advanced cell phones. Internet technologists explained how the Internet is structured and used as the base for attack and as shelter to maintain anonymity, while millions of users are vulnerable at any given moment when logged on. Even big business and governments are constantly doing battle with intruders attempting "break in" to steal money, assets, or valuable information.

Bishop Ted Frazier, President of the Faith-Based Coalition of the San Francisco Bay Area and guest speaker stated, "I am shocked and dismayed at the types, severity and volume of crime and intolerance found online. This information is too valuable to sit on. We have to go state-wide with this, get every clergy council involved, become united, teach our communities these things."

The roster of notable speakers included Deputy Chief LAPD Michael Downing, who spoke about the burgeoning encroachment of hate crime and terrorism on the Internet which is affecting us more each day. Chief Downing included a personal story of identity theft to show that no-one is beyond the range of criminal Internet hackers. Brad Dacus, the President of the Pacific Justice Institute posed and answered the question: Is religious freedom on thin ice? While he noted with considerable accuracy that religious institutions are under attack, he also articulated the need for solidarity amongst all faiths to pull through and that conferences such as these are one of the mechanisms to do so. He punched home the principle that "a crime against one religion is a crime against all religions" so therefore all religions should stand together as one against hate and intolerance.

Detective Chris Keeling of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept Gang & Hate Crimes Investigation Unit gave a very in-depth view into how kids access far more information on the Internet than their parents or teachers would approve of, and how these secrets are masked, leaving the door open to danger from on-line predators.

Information technology specialists Mr. Andrew Duggan President & CEO of Dynamic Energy Capital, Inc; Mr. Ryan Sherstobitoff of Panda Security and Mr. Bob Lotter the CEO of eAgency, each articulated the risks and dangers inherent in the digital communications revolution, exploited by on-line criminal hackers, pedophiles, the 12 billion dollar sex slave industry and the modern terrorist cells operating via secret networks and the solutions to them.

In closing remarks, four prominent clergy took the podium to express the power of solidarity when faiths join together as a cohesive will, which personifies God's inherent love for all of Mankind. Dr. Edward Nasioki of the World Missionary Fellowship, Ms. Shazia Kamal of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, Bishop Ted Frazier of the Faith-Based Coalition of the San Francisco Bay area each articulated in their own special way the true nature of their spiritual Missions as the resolution to our worldly evils. In closing, the indomitable Rev. Cecil (Chip) L. Murray, offered a fitting prayer of strength, hope and love. Rev. Murray also expressed what most if not all attendees felt, "You have given a superb lift to the faith-based community by your gathering. Much was accomplished."

Happy with the packed house, Bob Adams, Vice President of the Church of Scientology International and a co-sponsor of the event, said, "I am really pleased with the outcome, the enthusiastic response to the lessons provided by these experts. The Interfaith community came together in harmony and learned something that we can apply immediately to improve lives. It was a very special day for everyone."

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