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the Online ministry of the Queens Federation of Churches

This online "home" of the Queens Federation of Churches began entertaining visitors in August 2002. We are excited about what has been created thus far, and even more excited about what is yet to come as the Federation prepares for the final quarter of its first century of ministry.

Share the Information

Our fervent hope is that this will be an active information resource for church and community leaders, especially in Queens and the New York Metropolitan Area. We encourage you to share the information on this site.

Unless there is a specific copyright restriction held by another organization noted on the page, religious congregations and community nonprofit organizations are authorized to reprint in their publications any of the items on this site, provided that credit is given: "Reproduced with permission from the web site of the Queens Federation of Churches," We would appreciate receiving a copy of your publication or an e-mail letting us know what you found useful to reproduce.

Some of our Web Sections

We have here a comprehensive Directory of Queens Congregations (click Directory button below). Over 700 Christian congregations and 200 congregations of other Faiths are included with individual web pages linked by six different indices. In addition to information on the congregation, an interactive Google map link is provided on each page.

The online NEXUS of Queens continues where our printed newspaper left off. You will find here a weekly edition with the latest report of global and local news throughout God's household. The NEXUS news reports and the whole of the QFC Web Site is fully searchable by key word or phrase. Click Search below.

Through The NEXUS, we have posted a Church and Community Calendar which is undated regularly. We have, as well, two other sections for church and nonprofit postings: an Employment Opportunities page, and a page for Needs and Availabilities to or from churches. We invite you contributions for each of these three pages; an e-mail form is provided on each page.

Many separate pages of Links provides you access to a variety of web sites of hundreds of other significant organizations and religious bodies. Whenever a hyperlink takes you to a page which is not on the QFC web site, a new browser window will open to take you to the other organization's web site. The QFC web site will remain in its own browser window until you close it.

In the Advocacy Section, you will find current information (and links) concerning several of the important public policy issues of the day. You will also be able to send an e-mail message directly to your representative in Congress, the New York State Legislature, or the New York City Council (as well as the President, the Governor, and the Mayor!).

Our Programs, Events, and About QFC Sections provide helpful and current information about the past and present ministry and activities of the Queens Federation of Churches.

And, of course, it is possible for you to Make a Gift, pay a registration fee, or purchase a ticket for a dinner or other event online. Your credit or debit card transaction will be processed on a secure server. Each transaction will be acknowledged by mail with an official receipt.

Navigating the Web Site

Menu buttons for each of our major Sections are located on the bottom of the screen and will remain there throughout your visit. Clicking any of the buttons will produce the appropriate Section Menu in the left panel and that, too, will remain while you visit that Section. On these panels you will find listed a variety of information pages which, in turn, may offer you more pages. From any page, you can always return to the previous page by clicking the Return button on the page or the Back button on your web browser. If you are looking for a page on particular topic, you can always use the Search feature.

The easiest way to print the page in the main document window is to click the Print button on that page.

If it Doesn't Work . . . .

If you should click on a link that does a strange thing, please let us know. We want the site to work well in every respect as a service to our online constituents. We always welcome your comments and suggestions.

You can send us an e-mail by clicking Contact Us below.

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